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A Guide to Preparing and Giving
Legislative Testimony

IV.  Example Testimony #2

Testimony for Public Hearing
Appropriations Committee
February 16, 2007

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Good Afternoon Appropriations Committee Members. My name is  (first name, last name)  and I am a graduate of Advocacy Unlimited. Governor Rell has proposed funding for 250 units for Supportive Housing for the Biennial Budget through the Next Step initiative. I would like you to support the Reaching Home Campaign by funding 500 units. The Governor's proposal would cut the funding in half. Under the current housing situation there is already a shortage of housing for the following groups: disabled individuals, homeless, and institutionalized individuals are some of the groups that will be lacking sufficient and affordable housing.

I have to add that on my own personal account I have had difficulty obtaining affordable and safe housing. I am a disabled Veteran and I advocate for seniors, disabled and youth. I find there is no real connection or bridge when you go back into the community that allows you to transition into a better quality of life by being able to get suitable housing needs according to your individual case. If more focus was targeted for the individuals that really need it, Connecticut would save a lot of money by placing these individuals in adequate housing. Not to mention there would be less homelessness in Connecticut. I would appreciate your support and careful consideration to this issue.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.
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