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Human Rights Now - Stop Pyschiatric Profiling

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Human Rights Rally

Advocacy Unlimited sponsors and
hosts Human Rights Rally

In the aftermath of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, CT, Advocacy Unlimited has been extremely proactive in monitoring, responding to, participating in, advocating, and reacting to media coverage and legislation surrounding the incident, especially where it became discriminatory or encroached upon Human Rights.

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, in response to unconstitutional laws proposed by the Connecticut State Legislature as a result of Sandy Hook, Advocacy Unlimited sponsored and held a Human Rights Rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Hartford. The proposed laws – which would lead to forced drugging, human rights violations, and more people entering a broken medical model mental health system for treatment – included Outpatient Commitment, Putting the Names of People Who Seek Help from the Mental Health System in Databases, and the Psychiatric Screening of Children. In essence, these laws would legalize violating the human rights of those labeled mentally ill.

This was a day to challenge our communities to not perpetuate the status quo, to celebrate our uniqueness and interconnection in the human family, and to promote communities of acceptance which encourage, allow, and facilitate individualized movement toward lives rich in meaning. It was also a day to challenge our lawmakers and ourselves to stop practices that violate rights to which every human is entitled.

The rally included speeches by local, state, and national speakers, music, poetry, tee shirts, and camaraderie among many fantastic community contributors and advocates. It was a demonstration to our legislators that constituents who elected them opposed these bills.

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